FlexMLS Saved Searches

On Monday, September 15, you will be able to log in and begin exploring your new residential MLS system, FlexMLS. In preparation for this, we were able to coordinate the transfer of your existing saved searches.

Saved Search Transfers

  • All saved searches created in the current MLS system, List-It will be transferred to the new MLS system, FlexMLS on the evening of Thursday, September 11. 
  • Any saved search created or edited in List-It after Thursday evening WILL NOT transfer to the new system. 

Post-Transfer Management

  • Beginning on Monday, September 15, please log in to FlexMLS to review your transferred saved searches for accuracy.
  • After the transfer, all edits and maintenance of saved searches need to be done in both systems until the FlexMLS launch date. 

Launch Date Preparation

  • Ensure that you have checked your saved searches for accuracy
  • Select Contact Management from your dashboard Contacts tab
  • Select a contact then add the appropriate saved search under the Saved Searches/Auto-Emails tab
  • If you cannot find a saved search, recreate it from the Notes section for that contact

Your auto-emails are still sending out of our current system, List-It. When FlexMLS launches on October 13, don’t forget to log in to FlexMLS and turn the auto-emails on for each contact that you wish to receive auto-emails.


As with all data transfers, errors and omissions can occur. It is your responsibility to log in to the new system and verify accuracy. 

Learn more about FlexMLS here.


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