Contact Management Upgrades

Beginning December 14, you will be able to manually send a subscription confirmation email to a new client immediately after creating their profile in FlexMLS. Additionally, contacts will be able to confirm their email address from within the Portal.

Since new contacts must confirm their e-mail address to receive subscriptions notifications by e-mail, these new options will help make the process easier to manage.

Previously, once a contact was added with a linked saved search, the confirmation email would only send the first time a new listing matches the contact’s search criteria. The manual confirmation email will offer more control.

Learn how to manually send a confirmation email beginning December 14 below or download a PDF guide here.



To manually send the confirmation email:

Select the desired contact in Contact Management, then click on “send confirmation email” in the Action column on the first tab.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.00.30 PM


Once the request has been sent, the Contact’s status will be Pending until they open the email and click to confirm their email address.

Confirming their email address will also reactivate any expired subscriptions they may have.

Note: You can only send the confirmation email invitation once, so it would be appropriate to contact the user personally before clicking on the Send confirmation email option.


Sending the confirmation email via the Customer Portal

Contacts can use the Portal to confirm their email address in order to receive subscription notifications via email. If the contact has an email address that is inactive or pending, a notification will open automatically the first time they use their Portal that day. They can click Send Confirmation Email to send themselves an email that allows them to confirm their email address and opt-in to receiving subscription notifications via email.


Download a detailed tutorial PDF here. 





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