Two New Features on CMAs

On January 28, we will release two new features on the Full and Quick CMAs: drag and drop to rearrange comps and the choice to use the Street Map or Satellite Map to show the subject and comparable properties.

Rearrange Comps via Drag and Drop
When creating or editing a Full or Quick CMA, you can reorder your comparable properties by dragging and dropping them under the Comps tab. The order of the comps determines the order in which they appear on the CMA. To change the order, hover your mouse over the blue arrow under the Actions column.

Click and hold the blue arrow to drag the listing to a new position. Release your mouse button to drop the comp into its new position.

Use a Satellite View for the Map
On the Finish tab, the option Map of subject and comparable properties will now include a choice to use a Street Map, which is the image that has previously been included in the CMA, or to use a Satellite Map.

If you choose the Satellite Map, the CMA will include the subject and comparable listings on a satellite view map. Just as before, listings will appear on the map as color coded by status and in the same order they appear on the Comps tab. The satellite map can display a maximum of 35 comparable properties, along with the subject property.


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