Feature Improvements: Map Overlays & Market Share Reports

FBS released two feature improvements for Flexmls Web:

  • When adding multiple map overlays as search criteria, OR logic will be applied by default.
  • The Saturation Analysis Ranking Report will combine individual agent activity regardless of what office they were in.

Multiple Map Overlays – OR Logic
My Map Overlays are reusable shapes that you can use in searches or market reports.

Currently, AND logic is applied by default between multiple overlays, so only listings shared in common by each overlay show in search results. Once the default is changed to OR logic, all listings in each overlay will show in search results.

To add multiple overlays to search criteria from a Quick Search or Map Search, click in the search bar and select the overlays you’d like to add.

By default, OR logic will be applied to the overlays, so listings matching your search criteria in either overlay will display.

Saturation Report – Agent’s Total Activity is Combined
For MLSs that allow users to view ranking reports, all of an agent’s activity will be combined regardless of what office the agent was with during the selected time period. When currently running the Saturation Report, if an agent was in two different offices, the agent will appear twice in the report. Once this newest improvement is released, the report will combine all of the agent’s activity (regardless of which offices they belonged to during the selected time period) and the agent will appear only once.


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