Major Upgrades to the Consumer Portal in FlexMLS Contact Management

On August 2nd, FlexMLS will be launching new Consumer Portals for desktop, mobile web, and iOS. The new portals bring a fresh, new interface as well as several new features, including an agent-branded iOS app available to consumers through the Apple App Store.

Click to watch the new portals overview video below or download a full PDF guide here. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.35.27 AM

Can’t see the video above? Click here. 


Feature Highlights

Customize Searches

One of the most important new features in the new Consumer Portals is the ability for consumers to create their own searches once they are logged in (searching before logging in is only available if the agent has purchased IDX).

Featured Listings

The portal homepage will now include featured listings, which may include the agent’s active listings on the desktop and mobile web portal home page, if desired.


Default Subscription Settings

Another new option allows the agent to set Default Subscription Settings. The new portals allow the consumer to subscribe to searches by simply clicking a single “Subscribe” button. This one-click option is made possible by the Default Subscription Settings, which allow the agent to control what events trigger a new listing update for the search. These settings are similar to the options currently available when an agent saves a search in Flexmls Web and can select which options trigger a new notification.


Listing Content Options

Similar to the default subscription settings, the Listing Content Options allow the agent to control what content shows to their portal customers. These options are similar to the options the agent sets when they send a manual or automatic email in Flexmls where they can include or exclude certain content such as documents, open house info, and taxes or public records.

IDX Options

For users who have purchased IDX, there are two new options, including the ability to include a custom search on the home page as well as list featured searches.


Flexmls Consumer Portal App in the Apple App Store

The new portal release also includes the option for consumers using iPhones to download an app from the Apple App Store to access their customer portal. (Please note: This new app for consumers is called Flexmls whereas the app for agents in the Apple App Store is called Flexmls Pro.)

One of the primary benefits for consumers to use the new Flexmls iPhone app is to receive push notifications of new listings. Push notifications can be controlled directly by the consumer on their phone so they get the most prompt updates of just the listings they want. Another major benefit is the excellent usability and speed of having the app downloaded to your phone.


Download a full PDF guide to the new portals here.

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