Get More Information in Search Results

On August 17, get ready to see more of the information you want in Search Results! Are there too many roof fields to display in the Search Results? Garage? Foundation? Heat? It used to take up one column per Detail field (like Comp Shingle, Metal, Slate, etc.) in search results, but not any more.

Put a group of Detail fields in a single column. You’ll see only relevant information. Detail fields with no information are ignored.

That’s great. How do I do that?

You’ll need to create or edit a view. Skip the next 2 sections if you already know how.

What’s a View? That’s what controls the columns you see in Search Results.


How do I create a view?
On the menu, select Preferences, then My Views.

Click here to read a detailed description of how to create and edit views, or click here to watch a short video tutorial.

How do I put Detail Groups in Views?
When you’re adding fields to a view, look for the group of detail fields you want. Hover your mouse over the group name (e.g. Roof).

If you see an info popup, you can add that entire group of Detail fields to the view. Click on the Detail Group name (e.g. Roof) to add it.


How do I know it worked?
Open a Saved Search (or use a new search) to get to search results. Then switch to your new View (like in the second screenshot, above). You’ll see a column with the Detail Group you just added.


If you’re using the one line report AND there’s hidden information, you’ll see a “Show More” link. Click the link to expand the box and view all of the information.

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