Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about FlexMLS

  • Does FlexMLS work with all internet browsers? (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.)
    YES! We are thrilled to report that FlexMLS works across all browsers.
  • Will I be able to access the MLS from my phone or tablet?
    YES! You have full mobile access to the FlexMLS system. We know how important it is for you to work on-the-go–with FlexMLS, you are able to input listings and upload retina display photos (in a larger format than ever before) right from your phone, search any MLS field and basically have the full functionality of the MLS in the palm of your hand. Find tutorials here.
  • Is there an app for my phone?
    YES! With FlexMLS, there is currently an iPhone app available. Plot nearby listings on your map, access photo gallery views, draw tools and get real-time notifications (how cool is that?). Learn how to download the app here.
  • Can I schedule showings through the iPhone app?
    Yes! From the Phone app, select Showing Info > Schedule Showing and you will be directed to ShowingTime.


Frequently Asked Questions about Contact Management

  • Can contacts be sorted by their last name in the Dashboard Gadget?
    Yes! In order to do this,  manually go in to each contact and change the first name line to Last Name,First Name.
  • Can contacts be sorted by their last name in the Contact Management Summary Screen?
    In order to do this, you must have the contact’s name saved in the 2nd line (the three boxes) and then select the  “Last Name” sort option by clicking on Advanced, Customize Contact List.
  • What is the default number of contacts viewable in the Contacts Gadget?
    200 contacts – you can also filter by Groups if you have any Groups set up.


 Frequently Asked Questions about Auto-Emails

  •  Will agents always see ALL of the listings that have populated for their contact each time they receive a copy of the email?
    For the ASAP auto emails, if the agent logs into the portal or clicks on the feed they will see all of the matches, but the email itself just shows the new matches.
  • Is there an easier way to save a listing to a contact without creating a saved search?
    Yes! If you click on the heart or the star, the system will ask you which contact you are working on behalf of – (if you are not already) and put the listing in the Favorites or Agent Recommended collection for that contact.
  • Can you send an Auto-Email to more than one email (i.e.  husband and wife or business partners)?
    Yes! If you have the email addresses listed in the contact’s information, when you set up the Auto-Email event, you can select that Contact’s name TWICE (once for each email listed). You don’t have to set them up as a separate contact. See a detailed step-by-step here.
  • How do I resend auto-emails to a contact?
    Navigate to Contacts > Contact Management, then select your contact and their portal tab. Select ‘view listings automatically sent to this contact’. This will bring you to the search results page and display any listings sent to that specific contact. Check the box next to any listings that need to be resent and select Email.
  • How Do I resend a manual email sent to my contact?
    Navigate to Contacts > My Sent Emails. Select Send next to the contact’s name to resend the last manual email. To view all manual emails sent to your contact, navigate to Contacts > Contact Management and click on your contact then their Links tab. You can view all manual email communication and read receipts from here.
  • Will I know when my contacts unsubscribe?
    Yes! You will receive an email. You can also navigate to Contacts > Contact Summary to re-subscribe a contact should they opt-out by mistake. Simply select the Opt-In Link.


 Frequently Asked Questions about Listings, Searches and Statistics

  • How can I see my listings that are about to expire?
    The easiest way to see this data is to add the Listings Gadget to your dashboard and to change the settings to show your listings that are expiring in X number of days. At an office level, this will also show office listings that are about to expire.
  • How do I view all agents’ productivity in ranking order in the MLS?
    Navigate to Statistics > Inventory and Production > Saturation Analysis. Fill out your criteria, scroll to the bottom and click Market Share. Follow the prompts to finish the report.
  • Can you customize your search result headers?
    From the search results screen, sorting manually using the column headers only applies a temporary sort. To customize a permanent view, select “View”, name the customized view and edit the columns of information, the column headers, the order in which they sort and then save.
  • How can I search if I am not sure of the full address or spelling?
    FlexMLS has an efficient “Wildcard” search feature. Learn how to Wildcard Search here.


If you have questions about FlexMLS not listed here, be sure to join us for a live Intro to FlexMLS class! Register here. 


9 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will prospects from List-It Solid Earth transition over to the new system, or should we download and print these out? How about currently saved searches?

    • Hi Dan, fortunately, we were able to coordinate the move of your prospects and saved searches! As with any data migration, it is necessary to check for accuracy. Find out how to access FlexMLS to check your searches here. Read more about the transfer details and next steps here.

  2. Will our prospect / contact lists, searches, & data be automatically moved over? I hope that my prospect’s / sphere’s auto searches & notifications will continue to run without interruption.

    • Hi Jason, fortunately, we were able to coordinate the move of your prospects and saved searches! As with any data migration, it is necessary to check for accuracy. Find out how to access FlexMLS to check your searches here. Read more about the transfer details and next steps here.

    • Hi Jeanette, the tax records will be available in FlexMLS after the launch date, October 13. Until October 13, be sure to continue using List-It for all live activity such as inputting and editing all listings. Join us at a FlexMLS training session this week for all the details. Register here.

    • Hi Julie, Right now, our third party applications (Cloud CMA, CRS, etc) are only available in List-It. They will move over when we go live on October 13th. Flex is available right now, in parallel, so that you can become familiar with it before our go live date. It gives you a chance to learn how to search, edit your saved searches/prospects and create your dashboard. All of your “live” activity should still be happening in List It since that is where you should still be inputting, updating, or editing all listings.

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